Family Law

A legal separation or divorce is usually the most stressful period in your life and at Wiebe Wittmann El-Khatib LLP our lawyers are compassionate, understanding and experienced about these matters. We will help you get through this time with your legal rights and your sanity intact.

Decisions that are made at the very beginning of a separation can have a profound impact on your rights, particularly when it comes to custody of children and occupation of the matrimonial home. Receiving advice early in the process is critical and we reccommend that you obtain preliminary advice as soon as there is any indication that a separation may occur.

We can assist with providing advice, negotiating settlements, dealing with custody issues, property divisions and child support and alimony payments from start all the way to trial if necessary. Whatever your situation is and no matter how impossible or difficult it may seem we will help you get through it and find the right course of action that suits your case and your budget.