Entertainment & New Media

The laws and regulations governing the film, television, video game and high tech industries and the Internet change very frequently. Let Wiebe Wittmann El-Khatib LLP help you navigate the legal maze.

At Wiebe Wittmann El-Khatib, we provide a wide range of services to clients in various entertainment and high tech sectors, including:

  • Litigating copyright, trade-mark and other intellectual property disputes
  • Prosecuting and defending breach of contract disputes
  • Registering or negotiating the purchase of Internet domain names (URLs)
  • Representing athletes in contract and endorsement negotiations
  • Providing advice on provincial (BC Film) and federal (CAVCO) tax credit regimes for film and television
  • Advising high tech companies on Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credits (“SHRED”) and other tax incentives
  • Acting as production counsel for Canadian and United States producers, including major and mini-major studios
  • Incorporation of companies, corporate structure, amalgamations and tax planning
  • Negotiating above-the-line deals for actors, hosts, producers, directors and writers
  • Seeking injunctive relief or encumbering properties and other creditor remedies
  • Negotiating licensing, merchandising and distribution agreements for film, television and video game properties
  • Drafting Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, End-User and Click-Wrap agreements for the Internet

With over twenty years experience, Wiebe Wittmann El-Khatib LLP can assist both large and small companies excel in the highly competitive and fast-paced entertainment, Internet and high tech industries.